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Bridging with Axelar

Last updated on
Jul 5, 2023
See how to bridge assets from EVM blockchains to Osmosis.

The Axelar bridge, satellite.money, has been chosen as the canonical bridge between Osmosis and EVM blockchains. It is great for bringing in tokens from outside of the Cosmos. This process requires both Keplr and Metamask wallets. In this example we will be bridging USDC from Avalanche to Osmosis.

  1. The Axelar bridge accepts native USDC on Ethereum, or "pre-wrapped" Axelar USDC on other chains. If bridging from a chain other than Ethereum, check for axlUSDC liquidity pools on axelar.network/liquidity-pools. The bridge page will also link a relevant pool when you make a chain and token selection.

    For this example we traded USDC to axlUSDC on curve.fi. Newer or deeper pools may have since been added on the Axelar page linked above.
  1. Once you have axlUSDC, or another token that can be bridged and used on Osmosis, connect to the Axelar bridge at satellite.money with both your Keplr and Metamask wallets. Choose your origin chain
  1. Choose your destination chain and token. You can then auto-fill the destination address from Keplr or paste a different address if the destination is not your connected wallet. The relayer fee and estimated wait time depends on the chain you are bridging to/from. You will also need the chain's native coin for gas, in this case AVAX.
  1. Click to generate a one-time bridge deposit address.
  1. The d'app will explain which token will be received after bridging and offer a warning. Check that you understand the message and confirm.

    ๐Ÿšจ Do not send axlUSDC to centralised exchanges, as this is a bridged variant of USDC not tradeable on CEXes.


  1. Click the Send button to send your axlUSDC from Metamask, or send it manually from a wallet to the deposit address above the button. The relayer fee will be deducted from the amount you send. In this case, the fee is $1.60, so we will receive $98.39 axlUSDC on Osmosis. If you do a test transaction of $1.60 or less, you will not receive anything on Osmosis.
  • โ€๐Ÿงช Tip! If you want to send USDC from a centralised exchange to Osmosis, you can withdraw from the CEX directly to a temporary bridge address instead of depositing with Metamask. Make sure to withdraw on the ETH network and have Ethereum selected on the Axelar bridge.
  1. After confirming your transaction, the bridge page will show you the progress before it is complete.
  1. Success! Your funds have been transferred to Osmosis. You should see the balance in your Keplr wallet browser extension and on the Assets page of Osmosis. To see the transaction details, click on the Axelarscan link under the text 'Transfer complete'!