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Depositing on Osmosis

Last updated on
Mar 2, 2023
Once you have some coins in your Keplr wallet, you will need to deposit them onto the Osmosis blockchain to begin trading.
  1. Connect your Keplr wallet to Osmosis and navigate to the Assets tab (https://app.osmosis.zone/assets or https://frontier.osmosis.zone/assets).
  1. Approve Keplr's request for permission to connect to Osmosis.
  1. Search for your desired asset and click Deposit.
  1. If this is your first time connecting the Osmosis dapp to that blockchain, its wallet address will be blank and you will need to approve the request for permission to connect to it.
  1. Click Deposit after entering the amount you'd like to deposit.
  1. Select the gas setting you'd like for your transaction. It is recommended to use average gas.
  1. Keplr will notify you if your transaction is successful. It could take a few minutes for the IBC transfer to complete.
  • 🧪Tip! Your deposit and withdrawal history is displayed at the bottom of the Assets page and links to the transaction on mintscan.io, a Cosmos block explorer.