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EVMOS transfers

Last updated on
Dec 22, 2022
Walkthrough to withdraw Evmos from Osmosis.

There are a few steps required to transfer between Osmosis and Evmos. This guide walks you through on the main Evmos website, evmos.org, but you can also use alternatives like evmos.me.

  1. Navigate to app.osmosis.zone, buy some Evmos, and click on the Assets page link.
  1. Find Evmos and click WITHDRAW. This will take you to app.evmos.org/transfer.
  1. Click on the arrows to switch directions: FROM Osmosis TO Evmos.
  1. If the wallet you had connected was Metamask, the site will prompt that you cannot send from Osmosis using Metamask. Click on your wallet on the top-right of the page to disconnect and reconnect with Keplr instead.
  1. After connecting with Keplr, you can choose to send to either your linked Keplr wallet's Evmos address or to your connected Metamask address.
  1. Enter the number of Evmos coins you wish to send and press TRANSFER COINS FROM OSMOSIS.
  1. Check and approve the Keplr transaction.
  1. If successful, you will see some notifications in the left corner of your screen. If you bridged to your Metamask wallet address, disconnect from Keplr and reconnect with Metamask.

  1. Give it a few moments for your transaction to be processed. You will see your balance update on the Staking page and in your wallet on the browser extension!