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EVMOS transfers

Last updated on
Feb 26, 2023
Walkthrough to withdraw Evmos from Osmosis.

There are a few steps required to transfer between Osmosis and Evmos. This guide walks you through on the main Evmos website, evmos.org, but you can also use alternatives like evmos.me.

  1. Navigate to app.osmosis.zone, buy some Evmos, and click on the Assets page link.
  1. Find Evmos and click WITHDRAW. This will take you to app.evmos.org/assets.
  1. Connect your Keplr wallet, then click Deposit.
  1. Select Osmosis as the FROM chain and choose the token you want to transfer. You can connect either the Keplr or Metamask address as your destination, or paste an address of your own choosing.

  1. Click Deposit and approve the transaction in Keplr.
  1. Once you appove the transaction in Keplr, the Evmos front end will show prrogress messages in the bottom left.
  1. After the 'Successfully executed' message appears, the page will refresh and show your new balance!