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LPs and Superfluid Staking

Last updated on
Mar 2, 2023
Walk through adding liquidity, bonding, and superfluid staking.
  1. What attracts many users to Osmosis is the rewards for providing liquidity. You can provide liquidity without locking it to receive swap fees, or bond with 14-day unbonding for incentives. Some $OSMO pools even have a third step called Superfluid Staking where you can delegate half of the OSMO in your LP for staking rewards! Let's walk through the three steps on a mobile device.
  1. Open Keplr's mobile wallet app. Use the bottom menu to open the d'app browser and navigate to Osmosis or Osmosis Frontier. Once Osmosis is loaded, open the menu at the top and click through to the Pools page.
  1. If you wish to choose a pool that has superfluid staking enabled, scroll horizontally under All Pools and click Superfluid. We will add to pool 812, AXL/OSMO, for this demo.
  1. Scroll down to add liquidity. If you have both assets, you can provide them both in the ratio shown - generally 50:50. In most pools you can also add liquidity single-sided. This will swap half of your single-asset for the other and add it as liquidity in one transaction. Be careful doing this in low-liquidity pools as it could create noticeable price impact.
  1. Confirm the transaction. The d'app will show a broadcasting message and another when it is complete.
  1. To earn incentives on top of swap fees, lock your LP with 14-day unbonding. This means that when you click unbond in the future, it will return to your wallet in 14 days.

    Scroll down to Level 2 - Bond liquidity. Click on Bond Shares and enter your number of LP tokens. If the pool has superfluid staking, this option will be ticked by default.
  1. Superfluid staking stakes half of your OSMO tokens in the pool. If you have chosen to SFS, choose your validator on the next page and approve the transaction.
  1. Osmosis will show the progress of your transaction. If it fails, you can try increasing gas or bonding and superfluid staking in separate transactions.

    Voila! Maximum rewards achieved with 3 steps.
  • 🧪 Tip! Choose your validator wisely. Unlike regular staking, it is not possible to redelegate superfluid-staked tokens.