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Staking OSMO

Last updated on
Mar 18, 2023
Learn how to stake your OSMO on Keplr wallet.
  • You can delegate your OSMO to a set of validators using keplr wallet to help secure the network, and in the process receive staking rewards. Staked tokens are also what gives your vote on governance proposals its weight. Rewards can be claimed daily after epoch (17:20 UTC). If you unstake, the tokens remain locked for the unstaking period [14 days] and will not earn during this time.
  1. Open the staking dashboard on wallet.keplr.app to see the list of validators. Choose carefully, if your validator misbehaves or has excessive downtime you could miss out on earnings. In extreme cases your tokens may be slashed. Also keep the importance of decentralization in mind. Spreading the voting and consensus power more equally creates a more robust chain.

    🧪 Tip! You can split your delegation between multiple validators to reduce the effects of any potential validator upset.
  1. After making your selection, push 'manage' next to that validator, then 'delegate' to stake tokens to this validator.
  1. Enter the amount to stake (remember to leave a little bit in your wallet for transaction fees!), hit 'delegate' and sign the transaction with the popup message.
  1. After delegating, scroll back to the top of the page and you should now see your staked totals, any pending rewards to be claimed as well as options to claim rewards and manage existing delegations with each of your validators.
  1. To unlock your tokens, use 'manage' again, which now shows an extra button for this. Also shown here is the 'redelegate' feature to switch some or all of your stake from one validator to another without 'undelegating', and waiting the full 14 days.
    ⚠️ Note - after redelegating, you must wait 14 days before redelegating again from this new validator.