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Trading on Osmosis

Last updated on
Mar 2, 2023
How to swap from one asset to another.
  1. Trading from one asset to another on Osmosis is very simple after you have deposited your assets on the Osmosis chain. Head to app.osmosis.zone and you will see the swap feature directly on the home page.

    Connect your wallet at the top right, and the app will show your balances from the Osmosis chain on Keplr.
  1. As you search for the coin or token you wish to swap to, you may notice that not everything is listed here. In this example LUNA is not visible in the list.
  1. If the coin you want to buy is not in the list, check on the alternative, permissionless front-end: frontier.osmosis.zone. This is where you can find all newly-listed and unincentivised assets.
  1. Choose the tokens you wish to trade. You can adjust the maximum slippage you are comfortable with for a swap with the settings cog at the top of the swap box. The arrow at the bottom of the screen expands to show details of the trade.
  1. Expanding the swap details will display how much the trade price is impacted by the size of your swap. In small pools, most common on Frontier, you are likely to be faced with a higher price impact.

    Keeping the slippage setting low will prevent you from completing a trade at an unfavourable price. If the trade cannot be made within that 'minimum received after slippage (x%)', your transaction will fail and you will only pay the transaction fee.
  1. If you are satisfied with the 'minimum received after slippage', click swap and approve the transaction.
  1. That's it! The transaction will be sent on chain and added to the next available block.