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Withdrawing from Osmosis

Last updated on
Mar 2, 2023
Use this guide when you are ready to send funds back to an exchange.
  1. Withdrawing your funds from Osmosis is a similar process to Depositing. On the Assets page of Osmosis, find your coin and click [Withdraw].
  1. The address that your ATOM will be withdrawn to is your connected Keplr wallet's Cosmos Hub address.
  1. Enter the number of coins you wish to withdraw to and approve the transaction.
  • Be careful! Osmosis allows you to edit the receiving address, but it comes with a warning. Do not withdraw directly from Osmosis to a Centralized Exchange if it requires a memo. Instead withdraw to your Cosmos Hub address on Keplr first and then transfer from Keplr to the exchange with your memo.
  1. After you confirm the withdrawal, you will see status updates in the top right:
    ✅ Transaction Broadcasting
    ✅ Transaction Successful
    ✅ IBC Complete.

    There is also a section for your transfer history under the Assets list which will update you on whether the IBC transfer was successful or not. In the rare case that it is not successful, your assets will automatically be refunded to Osmosis!
  1. Once the IBC transfer is complete, you will see the ATOM under the Cosmos Hub network in your Keplr Browser extension. Alternatively, you can use the wallet.keplr.app dashboard to view all of your available assets.

    From here, you can send to the exchange.